Adam – Guitar

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Jet – Bass
Kelle – Vocals
Joe – Drums

Adam has had passion for music ever since he started playing guitar at age 13.

He has enhanced his skills and talent by attending Sodja Music and the Institute of Music, as well as being a integral player in numerous bands over the years.

He has also been a national recording artist, and has toured the U.S. gaining national exposure. Some of the professional musicians that have inspired Adam are: Neal Schon, Eddie Van Halen, Mattias Jabs, and Randy Rhodes.

His guitar style is very diversified; metal, blues, classical, Latin, and rock.  His edgy rock sound is his signature. He has had custom guitars made to achieve his style and sound.  Besides being a member of Velvet Shake, Adam is also a songwriter, singer, recording artist, engineer, and producer.


Johnny – Keyboard
Adam – Guitar

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